GHCA appreciates the ongoing collaboration with Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD) to promote the highest quality of care possible for Georgia’s seniors.  These efforts are ongoing and we will provide updates as we have clear, objective guidance or information to share. We appreciate Chief Melanie Simon, Deputy Chief Norma Jean Morgan and LTC Director Amanda Miranda attending the House of Delegates meeting in January. The presentation and opportunity for questions was very helpful.

Chief Simon’s presentation can be found here and includes very helpful information related to the increase in complaint survey activity as well as tips for addressing care and service issues that may lead to citations at a harm level.  We encourage you to review this information with key staff and consider an internal review of processes and systems relative to these high risk areas.  Also, please find current contact information for key staff at HFRD and regional alignment here.

The new requirements of participation that were released on October 4 with an effective date of November 28 for Phase 1 requirements, has led to questions related to when the LTC Ombudsman should be notified of a transfer or discharge (§483.15 (3) (i).  There has been widespread interpretation that the requirement is to notify the ombudsman of all transfers and discharges.  However, Chief Simon has provided guidance as per the following: “We have confirmed that facilities need only inform the ombudsman of involuntary transfers and we will survey based on that expectation.”

HFRD has updated their guidance on Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Reporting and Investigation requirements.  Pam Clayton, VP of Quality Advancement & Regulatory Affairs is reviewing this is in detail and will have a meeting with the Director of LTC to ensure a clear understanding of the guidance.  Written guidance will be shared with membership following the meeting.