The GHCA Qualifying/Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors. In accordance with the Bylaws, candidates wishing to apply for GHCA statewide office should complete and submit the below qualifying form to GHCA by Monday, April 24, 2017.

If you are a current board member and are eligible for a second term, you are required to complete the qualifying form. Council Presidents are not required to complete the qualifying form but must be a licensed nursing home administrator with operations in the council the candidate intends to represent.

The Bylaws are designed to ensure that every office has a nominated candidate prior to the Convention. Failure to meet the deadline does NOT preclude nominations from the floor.

Click here to submit the qualifying form online.

Click here to download the qualifying form for submission via email, fax, or mail. Completed forms should be submitted to:

Haley Bishop
Executive Assistant
Georgia Health Care Association
160 Country Club Drive
Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
Fax 678-289-6400

Term of Office for Officers

An individual is elected to any elective office of the Association for a term of one (1) year, and shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms in such capacity. An individual may be re-elected to this position after he/she has been out of office for one (1) year.

These positions are filled with dedicated volunteers who are committed to improving the Association and our profession in this state. Listed below is the current Board, the required candidate qualifications, and the election process.  Please note that the current Chair will not be seeking re-election

Chairman of the Board: Harve Bauguess (eligible for second term, but does not plan to seek second term)

Vice Chair: Donna Stefano (eligible for second term)

Treasurer: Jerry Patton (eligible for second term)

Secretary: Michael Ferguson (eligible for second term)

Board Member at Large (5 seats):

  • Gregory Davis (term expiring)
  • Tracy Nelson (eligible for second term)
  • Kerry Smith (eligible for second term)
  • Michele Todd (eligible for second term)
  • Dr. Ron Westbury (term expiring)

SOURCE Board Seat (to be selected by SOURCE members): Dorothy Davis

Assisted Living/Personal Care Home Representative (to be selected by GCAL members): Barbara Mitchell

Past Chair: Bill Davis

Council Presidents: (Eight representatives to be elected at the spring council meetings):

  • East Central:  Keith Wilson (term expiring)
  • Metro Atlanta:  Melanie DuPont (term expiring)
  • Middle Georgia:  Joe Andrews (term expiring)
  • Northeast:  Laura Backus (eligible for second term)
  • Northwest: Lemarr Gass (term expiring)
  • Southeast:  Terry Cook (term expiring)
  • Southwest:  Phil Herndon (eligible for second term)
  • West Central:  Kim Hodges (eligible for second term)

Article  V  ‑ Qualifications for GHCA Office Holders

Section 1: Qualifications of Officers and At‑Large Board Members

The Board of Directors of GHCA and Statewide Officers shall be required before standing for election and during their term of office to:

Be actively involved in the administration, ownership or management of one or more GHCA Regular Member facilities.

Section 2: Council Board Member Qualification

Council officers shall be required to meet the following qualifications:

  1. The facility the individual represents shall be located in the council in which he/she holds office.
  2. The individual shall be a licensed nursing home administrator in the State of Georgia.
  3. The individual shall be active in administration, ownership, or management of one or more Regular Member facilities

Article XII  ‑  Nominations & Elections

Section 1:  Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall consist of the six members, three of whom are the most recent past chairs of the Board who are then affiliated with a Regular Member, or an employee of such Member, and who are willing to serve in such capacity. The Board of Directors shall elect the three (3) remaining members of the nominating committee. The Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors shall serve as Chairperson of the nominating committee. The nominating committee shall nominate candidates for the required directors (other than Council Presidents) and officers of the Association and report on such nominations as provided in these bylaws. The nominating committee shall have the responsibility to nominate a Board of Directors which is representative of the Association’s diverse Membership.

Section 2: Qualification of Statewide Officers

Individuals desiring to qualify for statewide office shall do so by completing the qualification form and forwarding it to the Nominating Committee, c/o GHCA office. This form should reach the GHCA office no later than forty-five (45) days preceding the annual elections.

Section 3: Reviewing Qualifications

The Nominating Committee shall meet no later than thirty (30) days preceding the election to review the qualifications of prospective candidates and to certify that those individuals have the basic qualifications as provided in these bylaws for the office they seek. If no one qualifies for a particular office, the Nominating Committee shall nominate one or more individuals for any such office. Additional nominations may be proposed from the floor at the Annual Convention during the call for nominations by any member of the Association in good standing who has been certified as a voting representative and who meets the qualifications in Article V, Section 1.