Disrupting Infections: Creating a Community of Prevention

Creating CommUNITY ImmUNITY in the care setting can help break the web of infection in simple, practical ways. A continuum of organizational infection prevention will be described, raising awareness of how acceptance of some current practices inhibits additional practical actions that would better disrupt infections. Attendees will have an opportunity to start developing an organizational plan for infection prevention with elevated steps to apply to their usual infection care routines.

Please plan on attending a workshop offered by Advancing Excellence on October 5th from 9 am to 11 am at the Fred A Watson Training Center in Stockbridge, GA.

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Annual Resident, Family and Associate Satisfaction Survey

The annual resident, family and associate satisfaction survey is just around the corner.”We’re listening” collateral that can be customized to your center or organization can be downloaded from GHCA 2015 Surveyhere. Please take advantage of these quality materials to promote participation in the survey process. A healthy response rate increases the likelihood of positive survey outcomes and provides you with meaningful data to develop strategic priorities.

Recently, GHCA and My Innerview hosted a customer experience seminar featuring Mary Tellis-Nayak and a moderated panel for several focus centers. A special thanks to panelists Lucy Rogers, Cheri Underwood and Edner Woods. They shared strategies on how to execute a successful survey process, how to develop a customer service program and how to follow up on survey outcomes—all important aspects to an ongoing commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

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2015 Board Retreat

On August 19-21, our committee chairs and Board liaisons met at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA to develop the future vision for the Association. During the activity-filled session, participants worked together as a group, as well as in smaller, function-based teams, to ensure that every constituency is represented, and that we are all heading in the right direction for future growth and success.
The retreat also included visits from some of Georgia’s key leaders, including U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter (R-1), House Majority Leader Jon Burns (R-Newington), Senate Appropriations Chairman Jack Hill (R-4), Representative Ron Stephens (R-Savannah), Representative Bill Hitchens (R-161), and Representative Jesse Petrea (R-Savannah). We were so appreciative of their time and it was a great opportunity for us all to exchange information and ideas on how to improve the health care environment in Georgia.
Tony Marshall, GHCA’s newly named president and CEO, also attended and took an active role in helping define the organization’s strategy, all-the-while getting to know a variety of Association members and state legislators.
“This group was truly focused and dedicated to helping shape the future of Georgia’s skilled nursing, Assisted Living facilities and SOURCE agencies throughout the state, ” said Norma Jean Morgan, GHCA Chair of the Board. “The strategic plan developed by the Board sets a strong foundation […]

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Clinical Leadership Contact Information

As regulatory and quality issues arise, it is helpful to be able to communicate directly with clinical leadership. I would like to update our clinical email distribution list to ensure you receive information about professional development opportunities, education and other communication that may impact your center(s) and day to day practice. If you are a Director of Nursing or provide clinical consultation or support to a nursing center(s), please take a moment and complete the form below with your contact information.

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Closet Sprinklering & Life Safety Surveys

Recently I met with state and CMS regional representatives in an effort to gain clarity and consensus on the closet and wardrobe sprinklering issues.  Representatives have agreed upon the criteria whereby closets and wardrobes will be distinguished.  The criteria include the following:
A closet is defined as a space with four walls, floor, ceiling and door(s) and must be sprinklered regardless of size.

A wardrobe is a free standing piece of furniture, or a built-in-place piece of furniture, that is slid into or constructed into an alcove.  The built-in-place wardrobe may or may not include finish trim but the alcove it is installed into must be finished with sheetrock on all sides, back, and ceiling to resist the passage of smoke.  Also, the existing sprinkler in the room must be located to provide coverage to the front of the wardrobe.  Both styles of wardrobes may be secured to the wall(s) for safety.  Wardrobes in alcoves that meet all of these requirements do not have to be sprinklered.

CMS representatives were very clear that providers should be assessing their specific circumstance and responding accordingly.  They stressed that providers should not wait until they have been cited to develop an action plan.  Please assess your center to determine if you have non-sprinkled closets per the criteria noted above.  If so, please […]

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Tony Marshall Appointed New President and CEO of Georgia Health Care Association

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Anthony (Tony) Marshall, GHCA’s new president and CEO. Tony will officially start on September 21. For those of you who do not know Tony, he comes to GHCA from Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) in Tallahassee, where he served as senior director of reimbursement and a member of FHCA’s senior leadership team. Tony has more than 25 years’ experience in the health care industry, with over 16 years in association management, and also brings experience and knowledge from the long term care provider perspective. At GHCA, he will be responsible for our operations and the implementation of the goals and objectives set forth by the Board of Directors at the recent Board retreat in Savannah.
Tony is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in accounting.

“It is with tremendous enthusiasm and gratitude that I take on a leadership role for such a well-established organization like GHCA,” said Tony Marshall, president and CEO for GHCA. “I have the deepest respect for GHCA’s Board, its associates and members, and will use my experience and knowledge to successfully navigate the myriad of issues facing the long term care profession. Together, we will continue to enhance GHCA’s success over the last 60-plus years to make it one of the […]

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GHA911 Training Update

The next online training sessions for GHA911 will be held on the dates and times listed below. To register for GHA911 training sessions, please click the registration link below. Login information will be sent to you after registration.

Also, please be advised that sessions may be cancelled if there are no registered participants 24 hours before the start of the training.
GHA911 Training
September 16, 2015 @ 10:00 AM
Click here to register

September 4, 2015 @ 1:00 PM
Click here to register

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ASPR Regional Exercise Schedule 2015-2016 (4 Regions)

Region L (Tifton)
Region G (Augusta)
Region H
Region E (Athens)

Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

Full Scale Exercise (FSE)

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HHS Compendium of Resources Available Online

Launched on July 16, the HHS Response and Recovery Resources Compendium is an easy to navigate, comprehensive web-based repository of HHS resources and capabilities available to Federal, State, local, territorial and tribal stakeholders before, during, and after public health and medical incidents. The information spans 24 categories, and each category showcases the relevant disaster resources available from HHS and partner agencies, a brief description of each resource and information on accessing each one.

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QIS Survey Form & Process Changes

In mid-July, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made significant changes to the QIS survey forms.  QIS Resources & Guides used by surveyors for background information and checklists can be found HERE. Please take some time to review the forms with noted dates of revision.

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