NEW Consumer Handout on Falls in Assisted Living

NCAL Connections (3/4, Reeves)

A new resource from NCAL seeks to educate consumers on the risk for falls, while also encouraging their participation in helping to manage this risk. Developed by the NCAL Customer Relations Committee and NCAL Risk Management Workgroup, “A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” (pdf) addresses frequently asked questions to spark the conversation between staff and consumers.

“A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” encourages family members to discuss with staff which items are appropriate and declutter rooms for safety. The handout also includes tips for residents, such as wearing good-fitting shoes and embracing assistance devices (such as walkers or canes) when necessary.

Assisted living providers can print out the handout to include in admission packets, or make readily available for consumers when discussions about falls occur.

Realizing that not every fall can be prevented, the NCAL resource ultimately attempts to make residents and family members a part of the solution before events occur.

“A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” can be downloaded from the NCAL website on its Managing Falls Web page,

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Congratulations Georgia and Quality Initiative Goal Achievers!

Georgia and 290 nursing centers received recognition at the AHCA Quality Symposium held in Austin, Texas this week.  The Quality Initiative Recognition Program is designed to honor individual centers for their achievement in reaching nationwide goals of quality.  Centers can attain either Tier 1, 11, 111 or 1V recognition based upon goal achievement.  There were 85 Tier-1 center recognitions; 116 Tier-11 center recognitions; 78 Tier-111 recognitions; and 11  Tier 1V center recognitions.  Tier 1V honorees must meet all four quality initiative goals and those honorees included the following centers:

Cherry Blossom Health and Rehabilitation
Dawson Health and Rehabilitation
Eastview Nursing Center
Florence Hand Home
Heritage Healthcare at Shepherd Hills
Heritage Healthcare at Toomsboro
Heritage Inn Health and Rehabilitation
Riverside Health and Rehabilitation
Satilla Care Center
Southland Health and Rehabilitation
Winthrop Health and Rehabilitation

Georgia was recognized for greater than 10% of members achieving Tier 3 or 4 recognition and for > 60% of members achieving the antipsychotic goal. Go Georgia! Congratulations to all honorees.  We congratulate you on your achievements and appreciate your commitment to performance excellence. Thank you to all centers that are on the journey to performance excellence—with […]

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January Revenues up 3 Percent

Gov. Nathan Deal announced earlier this month that Georgia’s net tax collections for January totaled $1.86 billion, an increase of $53.9 million, or 3 percent, compared to January 2014. Year-to-date, net tax collections totaled $11.47 billion, which was an increase of $570.75 million, or 5.2 percent, compared to the previous fiscal year, when net tax revenues totaled almost $10.9 billion through seven months. Year-to-date gross tax revenues, before refunds and distributions to local governments, totaled $14.88 billion, which was an increase of $834 million, or 5.9 percent, compared to the year-to-date total of $14.05 billion in January 2014.

February 27th, 2015|Legislative, Newsfront|

Everything is Still in Play

The 2015 Georgia Assembly got off to a slow start, with the House and Senate passing only very few bills by the midway point of the session.  For example, the State Senate had only passed 23 bills out during the first 23 days of the legislative session.  One can rest assured, though, that this snail’s pace will not be the norm moving forward.  The second half of the 2015 Session will surely be a race to the finish as legislators seek to accommodate all the people’s business in a compacted period of time.
Several bills of interest to GHCA, namely HB 342 (“Negligence Per Se”), SB 111 (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), and HB 72 (Elderly Abuse and Neglect Act) are still moving through their respective committee processes.  GHCA continues to engage with legislators and stakeholders to ensure the concerns of our membership are heard and acted upon.
The top GHCA priority for the remainder of the session is the attempt to move state funding from the 2012 to the 2014 cost report.  Rebasing that equation would require a $12.6 million dollar add to the appropriations bill (HB 76).  Thus far, the Governor and House have NOT included this funding.  Therefore, some level of […]

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If You Must Travel In Wintry Weather, Create An Emergency ‘Ready Kit’ To Keep In Your Car

Ready Georgia, a statewide campaign supported by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) aimed at motivating Georgians to take action to prepare for a disaster, has created a list of suggested items you may want to consider when making your own specialized “Ready Kit.”

Click here for checklist

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Soliciting facilities to participate in the Regional Exercise Program

This spring, facilities in RCH Regions B, F, K, and M will be participating in a Regional Full Scale Exercise.  This is an excellent opportunity for long term care facilities to test their plans while interacting with community partners.  Meeting locations and start times will be sent out prior to the meetings.  We are asking for full participation in each Region.  Please contact Tiffany Hanshaw with any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
Region M
Region K

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This website is one of the many ways for Georgia’s hospitals, nursing homes, and other local and state agencies to be kept informed of vital news, information, and tools to assist them in their disaster preparedness and mutual aid planning. Please log into the system and register to receive a username and password for any member of your facility.
Bed count drills will occur every Wednesday and your update is due before 12pm.  You must update on Wednesdays and before noon in order to be counted as participating.
Please forward all technical issues and training requests to Tiffany Hanshaw at

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GHCA Spring Education Updates

GHCA is offering a full calendar of education between now and the Summer Convention which will be at the Ritz Carlton Amelia in Amelia Island, Florida June 14-18, 2015.

March 10-26 (5 Days) The MDS Certificate Course for GHCA Members only CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 19 WEBINAR Spring Forward- CMS Updates The Nursing Home Compare Web Site: What You Need to Know presented by Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT Two times to Choose From (Just Select the Time Best for You) 10 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE 10AM WEBINAR OR CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE 1:30PM WEBINAR

March 20 Preparing For and Navigating the IDR/IIDR Process CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 30-April 2 GHCA/GCAL Certified Assisted Living Director Course CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 31 & April 1 SPACE Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Webinars- For nursing homes that are participating in the Alliant Quality National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NNHQCC) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 8 Medicaid Eligibility and Streamlining Admission and Business Office Practices CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 9-10 What you need to Know: The MDS Focused Survey and Your 5-Star Rating and the Quality Measures (Includes Latest News from CMS) Registration Coming Soon

April 12-17 Activity Directors’ State Approved 36-Hour Training Course CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 21-May 1 GHCA Council Education […]

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King v. Burwell

On March 4, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in King v. Burwell, with a decision expected in late June. If the court strikes down the payment of government subsidies to those who bought health insurance on the federal exchange, Republicans will at last have a real opportunity to amend the Affordable Care Act. The case centers on a small piece of the complex health law, with potentially big consequences.  At issue is whether the law’s language allows the government to provide subsidies for people purchase insurance through the federal exchange or only in the states that set up their own insurance exchanges.
If the court rules for the plaintiffs, the result will be wide splits in people’s access to health insurance by each state.  People in Washington D.C. and the 13 states running their own exchanges would be unaffected.  But residents of the remaining states (including Georgia) could lose the subsides that make insurance more affordable, meaning sharp increases in premiums for those individuals.  According to one projection, the case could result in eight million Americans being uninsured in 2016.

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Observation NOTICE Act Re-Introduced in Congress

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) commend Congressmen Lloyd Doggett (D-TX-35) and Todd Young (R-IN-9) for reintroducing the Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility (NOTICE) Act (H.R. 876). This federal legislation requires hospitals to give formal notice to patients within a period of time after classifying them as an inpatient or as an outpatient under observation.
The NOTICE Act works to ensure that hospitals notify patients entitled to Medicare Part A coverage of their outpatient status within 36 hours after the time of their classification or, if sooner, upon discharge. Often patients have no idea what their status is in a hospital, or the importance of it, which can lead to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses should they need skilled nursing center care following their hospital stay. In addition to placing a financial burden on seniors and their families, this anomaly in Medicare rules can cause unnecessary spend-down, accelerating the time frame in which seniors will have to turn to programs such as Medicaid to pay for their care.
AHCA/NCAL continues to support legislation eliminating the three-day stay requirement, which, if passed, would effectively solve the related issue of […]

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