2015 RN, LPN and CNA of the Year Award Nominations

Nominations due August 20, 2015


The Georgia Association of Nurses in Long Term Care (G.A.N.L.T.C) is seeking nominations for the 2015 RN, LPN and CNA of the Year Award. The Georgia Association of Nurses in Long Term Care (G.A.N.L.T.C) is seeking nominations for the RN, LPN and CNA of the Year Awards. These awards recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to advancing quality performance and outcomes in their patient care center, including either skilled nursing or assisted living settings.

Nomination Requirements

Nominations must be submitted by an individual with an organization that is a member in good standing of the Georgia Health Care Association.
Nominators must be employed by a skilled nursing or assisted living center, or by a parent organization.
The nomination must reference the nominee’s impact on patient care and quality outcomes.

The nomination may be submitted online (preferred) via the form below or by mail to the following address:

Georgia Health Care Association
160 Country Club Drive
Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
ATTN: Pam Clayton, RN

Nomination Deadline

Nominations are due by Thursday, August 20, 2015. The award will be presented at the GANLTC Annual Meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2015, in Young Harris, GA.

Candidate Attributes

Below are examples of the […]

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GHCA Committee Renewal/Request Form

If you would like to serve on a committee, please complete the form below indicating the committees you would like to participate in. You will be added immediately to the committee list and start receiving notifications as they are sent by the committee chair. You will remain on the committee until a formal request is made to be taken off.

The committees will meet on an “as needed” basis and meeting dates and times will be emailed.  To be sure that Committee Attendance Quorums are met, committees with over 50 members require a 25% in attendance & committees under 50 members require 50% attendance. Without a quorum, motions cannot be made.

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A New Direction for Long Term Care Quality Measurement

My InnerView Launches Experience-Based Survey Instrument

Building on the legacy of Harvey Picker’s Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centered Care, My InnerView by National Research Corporation has developed an experience-based survey instrument that will uniquely position clients as premier referral partners for hospitals and health systems.

Clients will gain access to robust reporting that will provide clear, actionable data and insight to improvement.

How does this impact my organization?

The experienced-based survey instrument asks respondents to report whether, and with what frequency, specific behaviors were experienced. The enhancement will help clients understand what actions or behaviors to implement in order to improve the resident and patient experience. Read the survey enhancement FAQ.  Georgia plans to implement the new survey instrument in 2016.

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Nursing homes will face more scrutiny from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

A hazard list, specified in an OSHA memorandum issued on June 25th (https://www.osha.gov/dep/enforcement/inpatient_insp_06252015.html), includes musculoskeletal disorders related to resident handling, workplace violence, bloodborne pathogens, tuberculosis and slips, trips and falls. The hazards were addressed in OSHA’s recent National Emphasis Program – Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, (https://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/Directive_pdf/CPL_03-00-016.pdf) which involved collecting specific injury and illness data from 80,000 healthcare facilities.  OSHA seeks to decrease exposure to these hazards through enforcement, compliance assistance and outreach.  This focus seeks to ensure nursing centers provide adequate lifts and adaptive equipment to avoid unnecessary manual handling.

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Senate Finance Committee approves NOTICE (Notice of Observation, Treatment and Implications for Care Eligibility) Act…

Under the Notice of Observation, Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility Act, hospitals will be required to notify Medicare beneficiaries of their outpatient status within 36 hours of discharge. Time spent in outpatient observation status may affect patient’s eligibility in obtaining Medicare coverage.

The NOTICE Act will now be considered by the full Senate. The House unanimously passed its version of the bill in March.

The committee also passed the Preventing and Reducing Improper Medicare and Medicaid Expenditures Act, which addresses recovery audit contractors.

The bill asks the HHS secretary to issue a report describing the cost of payment vulnerabilities identified by RACs. It also authorizes the secretary to retain a portion of recovered amounts for a “program management account for activities addressing problems that contribute to improper payments and fraud.”

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Nominations are now being accepted for the Leader in Caregiving Award…

This year, the Rosalynn Carter Leadership in Caregiving Award will go to the individual or organization that has taken concrete action in advancing six strategic initiatives outlined in “Averting the Caregiver Crisis: An Update,” an update on a previous position paper released by the Institute.  Details on the Update and guidelines for nominations can be found HERE.

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Care for the Caregiver (Alzheimers)

Caring for a family member or loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining.  The National Institute on Aging offers an online Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center that includes resources to assist with helping caregivers to understand strategies to help manage the stress associated with serving as a caregiver.  These (resources) may be helpful to reference when educating residents, family members and associates.

Caring Tips
Caring for Yourself

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CMS releases survey and certification memo on review and status of the traditional and QIS survey process

On May 22nd, the CMS released an informational S & C memo providing an update on their ongoing review of the traditional and QIS survey process. Since 2012, the CMS has not expanded the QIS survey process to additional states. Rather they have focused on improving the QIS system in states where it has already been implemented. They continue to evaluate both survey processes to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. You can find the memo along with a high level summary of the review (here).

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Classifieds July 2015

Director of Nursing Services (DON) Traditions Health & Rehabilitation 182-bed center in Northwest Region Lithonia, GA

Examples of Duties Performed:

Responsible for planning, developing, and directing the overall operation of a long-term care nursing services department in accordance current federal, state, and local regulations.
Plans and directs the activities of nursing staff and establishes and oversees standards for quality patient care and safety.
Establishes annual financial plans and monitors expenditures in accordance with financial plan allocations and guidelines.
Participates in Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance initiatives and activities.

To be considered for this opportunity applicants must:

Have a current license as a Registered Nurse from the Georgia State Nursing Board and two years supervisory work experience in a rehabilitative or restorative nursing environment. Education, training, and/or experience must include one of the following: rehabilitative, geriatric, and/or psychosocial nursing.
Embrace the standards, values, and beliefs of the organization.
Possess ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Be capable of maintaining effective working relationships with residents, family members, staff, and fellow department heads.

EEO / M/ F/ D/ V– Drug Free Workplace

If interested, please contact:
Lorie […]

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Clinical email registration

As regulatory and quality issues arise, it is helpful to be able to communicate directly with clinical leadership. I would like to update our clinical email distribution list to ensure you receive information about professional development opportunities, education and other communication that may impact your center(s) and day to day practice. If you are a Director of Nursing or provide clinical consultation or support to a nursing center(s), please take a moment and complete the form below with your contact information. All registrants will be entered into a drawing for 4 Braves tickets and a parking pass. The winner will be announced after July 31st.

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