GHCA Spring Education Updates

GHCA is offering a full calendar of education between now and the Summer Convention which will be at the Ritz Carlton Amelia in Amelia Island, Florida June 14-18, 2015.

March 10-26 (5 Days) The MDS Certificate Course for GHCA Members only CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 20 Preparing For and Navigating the IDR/IIDR Process CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 30-April 2 GHCA/GCAL Certified Assisted Living Director Course CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

March 31 & April 1 SPACE Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Webinars- For nursing homes that are participating in the Alliant Quality National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NNHQCC) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 8 Medicaid Eligibility and Streamlining Admission and Business Office Practices CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 9-10 What you need to Know: The MDS Focused Survey and Your 5-Star Rating and the Quality Measures (Includes Latest News from CMS) Registration Coming Soon

April 12-17 Activity Directors’ State Approved 36-Hour Training Course CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 21-May 1 GHCA Council Education Days CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

May 4-5 PreLicensure Review Class CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


March Webinar Series on the MDS Focused Survey

May 2015 GHCA Quality Initiative Mandatory Training

May 7-8 NEW Program Policies Procedures Regulations and Licensure Compliance-This program is for all PCH/ALC administrators and staff,  providing attendees with Georgia
specific policies and procedures, all mandated forms compliant with Georgia regulations, […]

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King v. Burwell

On March 4, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in King v. Burwell, with a decision expected in late June. If the court strikes down the payment of government subsidies to those who bought health insurance on the federal exchange, Republicans will at last have a real opportunity to amend the Affordable Care Act. The case centers on a small piece of the complex health law, with potentially big consequences.  At issue is whether the law’s language allows the government to provide subsidies for people purchase insurance through the federal exchange or only in the states that set up their own insurance exchanges.
If the court rules for the plaintiffs, the result will be wide splits in people’s access to health insurance by each state.  People in Washington D.C. and the 13 states running their own exchanges would be unaffected.  But residents of the remaining states (including Georgia) could lose the subsides that make insurance more affordable, meaning sharp increases in premiums for those individuals.  According to one projection, the case could result in eight million Americans being uninsured in 2016.

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Observation NOTICE Act Re-Introduced in Congress

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) commend Congressmen Lloyd Doggett (D-TX-35) and Todd Young (R-IN-9) for reintroducing the Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility (NOTICE) Act (H.R. 876). This federal legislation requires hospitals to give formal notice to patients within a period of time after classifying them as an inpatient or as an outpatient under observation.
The NOTICE Act works to ensure that hospitals notify patients entitled to Medicare Part A coverage of their outpatient status within 36 hours after the time of their classification or, if sooner, upon discharge. Often patients have no idea what their status is in a hospital, or the importance of it, which can lead to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses should they need skilled nursing center care following their hospital stay. In addition to placing a financial burden on seniors and their families, this anomaly in Medicare rules can cause unnecessary spend-down, accelerating the time frame in which seniors will have to turn to programs such as Medicaid to pay for their care.
AHCA/NCAL continues to support legislation eliminating the three-day stay requirement, which, if passed, would effectively solve the related issue of […]

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Five-Star Update and Resources

On Feb. 12, 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced changes to the way five-star ratings for nursing facilities are calculated. Of the three parts of five-star — survey, quality measures (QM), and staffing — CMS will make changes to the staffing component and to the quality measure component.
The staffing component no longer allows facilities with three or fewer stars on both RN and direct care staff to get a four star rating on the staffing component. The QM component adds two new quality measures (a long stay antipsychotic measure and a short stay antipsychotic measure) and resets the cutpoints used to classify facilities into the five QM five-star ratings back to 2013 Q3. These changes not only impact a facility’s ratings on the staffing and QM components,  but may also impact a facility’s overall five-star rating as well.
The net result of this change is that many nursing facilities — even those with stable or improving quality — may lose at least one if not two stars on their overall five-star ratings.
Nationally, it is estimated that 308 facilities (2%) will drop two stars in their overall rating, 4,458 facilities (29%) will drop one star in their overall rating, 10,626 […]

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Upcoming Reimbursement Webinars

Claims Edits Requiring Prior Authorization Scheduled to be Enforced posted on 2/17/15
Conference Call #: 1-888-8086929, Access Code 7645624
Web link:
Meeting Number: 888-8086929  Code: 7645624
Dates and Times:
Thursday, March 5, 4:00 PM
Friday, March 6, 2:30PM
Due to providers having difficulty getting claims paid, DCH relaxed certain edits from full implementation of the PA requirement for Nursing Facility claims. Currently, DCH is working closely with HP and a workgroup of Nursing Facility representatives from across the state to develop a plan to turn the claim edits back on while ensuring that Nursing Facilities are prepared for this change.
Prior Authorization edits that will be set to deny as of April 1, 2015 are: 
3001 – PRIOR AUTHORIZATION/PRECERT NOT ON FILE.   If a service requires prior authorization and prior authorization is not found for the member and date of service, the error code will post.
3011 – DOS NOT WITHIN PA/PRECERT EFFECTIVE DATES.  If the first day of service of the claim and the effective date of the PA mismatch, the error code will post. OR, If the last day of service of the claim and the end date of the PA mismatch, the error […]

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Another Reason to Use LTC Trend Tracker

AHCA members can now utilize the new Length of Stay (LOS) metric offered in LTC Trend Tracker, an online analytics tool that enables long term and post-acute care providers to access key information that can help their organization succeed.
The new feature calculates the median LOS for all new admissions from a hospital, as well as the percentage of new admissions who have stays of seven, 14, 20 and 45 days or fewer. The LOS metric is:

Based on MDS 3.0 data
Calculated for new admissions regardless of payor status to a nursing center from a hospital
Calculated based on the number of days between their admission and discharge from the Center

This new feature is part of AHCA’s ongoing efforts to make LTC Trend Tracker a central place to access key data, including all the data CMS collects on skilled nursing centers. In addition, members can find exclusive, in-house measures to help gain insight on hospital readmissions and discharges to the community. They can also upload their RUG data and will soon be able to learn about CMS’s recent changes to the Five Star rating system.
Visit for […]

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February 2015 GSNHAD Updates

Activity Director State Board Meeting
The next Activity Director State Board Meeting will be held April 24 at 11:00 a.m. at the GHCA Training Center
Activity Director State-Approved 36-Hour Course
The next Activity Director State-Approved 36-Hour Course will be held April 12 – 17, 2015 at the GHCA Training Center.  To register online or to download a printable brochure, click HERE.
Ms. Georgia Health Care Association Pageant
The 40th Annual Ms. Georgia Health Care Association Pageant will be held Saturday, April 25th, at Evergreen Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Information was sent out on how to enter your resident for this special event.  It can also be located by clicking HERE to access the full Media Packet which the application for the Pageant is enclosed.
2015 Activity Director Annual Meeting
The Metro Atlanta Council of Activity Directors is now planning the 2015 Annual Meeting.  This will be held at King & Prince Resort, October 11 – 14.  Teepa Snow, one of the best Alzheimer and Dementia speakers in America, will speak for two days.  She is customizing her presentations to both the Activity Directors and the Social Workers.  This meeting is the first to be joined with the Social Worker Annual […]

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February 2015 GSNHSW Updates

Social Worker State Board Meeting
The next Social Worker State Board Meeting will be held April 10 at 11:00 a.m. at the GHCA Training Center.
Social Worker Spring Training
The 2015 Social Worker Spring Training will be held March 2 – 5. On March 6, we will be offering a full day of training on "Ethics & Advance Care Planning: Building Confidence & Competence. This course has been approved by the NASW for 5 ethics or core continuing clock hours.
To register online or to downloand a printable copy of the brochure, click HERE.
2015 Social Worker Annual Meeting
The Metro Atlanta Council of Social Workers is now planning the 2015 Annual Meeting.  This will be held at King & Prince Resort, October 14 – 16.  This meeting is the first to be joined with the Activity Director Annual Meeting, October 11 – 14 per a request from the GHCA Budget & Finance Committee.  The Education Committee is working diligently on creating a wonderful convention schedule with great education. Some of education lined up includes Jon Howell, President & CEO of GHCA presenting on “What’s Happening in Healthcare”, Pam Clayton, VP of Quality Advancement & Regulatory Affairs presenting on “What’s Being Cited in Social Work”, […]

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UPDATE: Fire Marshal Training

The Fire Marshal has approved the curriculum for the Care Giver Trainer 406.2.1 regulation as of Feb 2015. Though the regulation states that all ALC and PCH staff are required to have completed 5 hours of training by January 1, 2015, DCH and The Fire Marshal’s office are willing to work with each community. As long as communities can prove they are pursuing an instructor, then a citation will not be given.

For a list of instructors who are already certified, please click HERE. Should you decide to have one of your staff members become an instructor, HERE are the instructions on how to get signed up for the 40 hour course with Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) and Georgia Fire Academy or you can visit the website at

In speaking with the Fire Academy, their March class  is full with a waiting list because the class holds a maximum of 16 attendees. The June course registration has not been posted, but will open on March 8th. Please feel free to monitor their website, and contact us with any additional questions.

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2014 Highest Paid AL Positions

The Senior Housing News (2/20, Study, 503) As assisted living gets a face-lift with innovative and more affordable models coming into the space, providers’ management teams are also seeing some changes — namely, in their salaries. The top positions at assisted living communities nationwide saw pay increases ranging between 1% and 3% in 2014 compared to 2013, according to the latest “Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report” published by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS) in cooperation with nonprofit industry trade group LeadingAge and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). Surveys were sent to about 9,000 assisted living facilities throughout the country and more than 1,600 responses were gathered. Of the participants, 110, or 6.61%, indicated that they were not-for-profit. The rest, or 93.39% of the facilities, indicated that they were for-profit. The highest-paying positions reported by respondents include chief financial officer (with an average salary of $128,969), CEO/president ($120,082), assisted living administrator ($80,830), director of human resources ($67,966) and director of nurses ($63,958). From 2013 to 2014, the salaries for those positions increased 1.62%, 2.34%, 2.13%, 2.74% and 2.24%, respectively. In comparison, the year before, those top positions saw salary increases of 2.72%, 1.52%, 2.79%, 1.85% and 2.37%.

“That general range of increases under 3% is not significantly different than what we’ve seen in the past,” says LeadingAge Director of Residential […]

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