There is no greater asset to the state’s skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers and SOURCE care managers than the GHCA and its Board of Directors. Our opportunity is to face the challenges of today and reinvent GHCA through transparency of information and integrity of our actions to be more prepared for our future.

Whether you are a provider, an employee working in long term or post-acute care, an associate member or a consumer, the GHCA is steadfast in its commitment to helping its members focus their energies where they matter most—providing skilled and benevolent care to meet the health care needs of Georgia’s infirm, elderly and disabled citizens.

As a member, I am personally invested in the success of GHCA, and in maximizing the value of my membership. As a Board member, I am focused on optimizing the value the Association brings to all of its members in the form of advocacy, professional development and support programs.

Under the leadership of Tony Marshall, our new GHCA President, I am confident that GHCA will continue to improve and expand its offerings. The Association’s staff is exceptional and provides its members with access to the services they need to succeed in their area of focus.

In addition to membership services, GHCA’s Leadership Excellence Awards provide a vehicle for us to us to honor dedicated employees. These awards are a source of pride for the recipients and they showcase our achievements to the public, helping shift the way Georgians think about long term and post-acute care, and those who provide it.

GHCA affords a means for us to share our best practices with each other throughout the state, raising the bar in customer service and overall patient satisfaction. In fact, Georgia, as collectively tabulated by My InnerView,  has continually met or exceeded customer service and satisfaction rates every year since 2007.

As an association, we are strongest when all of our members are engaged. We are blessed with a passionate and dedicated Board of Directors who share a common commitment with the Association to equally and fairly represent all facilities and associate members.

I am honored to serve as the chair of the GHCA Board of Directors and if I can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Harve Bauguess
GHCA Chair of the Board