GHCA Allied Member Qualifications

Allied Members are any SOURCE organization, long term facility licensed as an assisted living community or a personal care facility with 25 beds or more. A personal care facility with less than 25 beds is also eligible provided that any such facility is owned by or under common ownership with a Regular Member and meets the requirements of GHCA.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Education and Professional Development
  • Networking
  • NCAL and AHCA Membership**
  • Political Action Committee
  • Information and Resources
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Recognition and Consumer Connection

**only specific to the Allied Assisted Living members

 Breakdown of Benefits

Advocacy and Public Policy – Staffers work on members’ behalf at the Capitol, in Atlanta. GHCA stays on top of all the pending legislation that will shape the future of the long term care (LTC) industry and work hard to educate key lawmakers and carry provider problems, views, and solutions to their attention. Through the ongoing efforts of staff and the contacts and expertise of our lobbyist, GHCA is the most visible and effective voice before the legislature today on LTC issues. GHCA staff monitors, evaluates and recommends responses to all matters relating to the issuance of proposed and final rules and regulations affecting GHCA members. Staff maintains close relationship with CMS, DCH, HFR, and other governmental regulatory agencies to improve and promote consistency in the survey and regulatory process. Not only acting on the state level, partnering with NCAL also gives us the strongest representation on the federal level making sure our members voices are heard.

Education and Professional Development – GHCA provides numerous education classes covering all of the vital issues concerning LTC and is widely recognized as the most prominent provider of LTC-focused education in the state today. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and credited speakers who educate our members with up-to-date information in relation to LTC. We hold two conventions (Summer and Winter) providing current education classes and seminars including a tradeshow at the Winter. GHCA also has a unique partnership with the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) who hold seminars at our Conventions providing valuable information to our members. Members receive significant member discounts on all GHCA education and conventions.

  • Highlight Education Course OfferedLTC Administration Credentialing Across the Continuum of Care From managing an assisted living facility to a sub-acute care unit, special care wing or CCRC, earning a professional credential beyond what is required to serve as the administrator is increasingly expected by employers, as well as by the general public.  Demonstrating advanced proficiency in both technical expertise and organizational leadership promotes continuous professional growth and distinguishes one’s facility in the marketplace as a pacesetter.  Learn how to prepare for professional certifications offered by the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) and the National Association of Long Term Care Licensure Boards (NAB), as well as how to utilize the feedback from each process to shape one’s professional development plan.

Networking – Becoming a member gives many opportunities to network with your peers in the LTC arena. Members share their challenges and successes and learn from others who have developed innovative solutions to common problems. Members increase their skills, knowledge, and contacts, and take part in sharing the future by becoming active in the leadership of the Association through participation on GHCA committees, task-forces, and focus groups on key issues affecting the industry. Our annual trade show hosted at the winter convention is a great opportunity for all of our SOURCE members to be connected to other members, including regular and associate.

NCAL and AHCA Membership** The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is the assisted living voice of the American Health Care Association (AHCA). NCAL is dedicated to serving the needs of the assisted living community through national advocacy, education, networking, professional development, and quality initiatives. NCAL’s proactive, national focus on assisted living legislation is backed by the strongest and most influential long term care advocacy team in the country. NCAL members know that their voices will be heard by the national policymakers and regulators who continually seek to influence the future of assisted living. In addition to national advocacy, NCAL supports state-specific advocacy efforts through its national federation of state affiliates. NCAL state affiliates work to create local education, advocate on behalf of assisted living providers, and provide the direct, ongoing support their assisted living members need to improve quality and grow their businesses.

**only specific to the Allied assisted living and personal care members

Political Action Committee (PAC) – By pooling resources, individual GHCA members can have a more significant impact in helping to elect qualified candidates to public office. The PAC is the political fund-raising arm of the Association. It receives voluntary donations from members to support those candidates who will bring an enlightened approach to state government and the policies, which govern long term care. NCAL also raises $1.5 million for their PAC.

Information and Resources – GHCA makes sure members have the information they need to remain competitive and effective in these quickly changing times. Every month, GHCA members receive the “Newsfront,” a straightforward newsletter packed with the most up-to-date issues, trends, and events that could impact long term care providers in Georgia. Special mailings via email and paper mail also alert GHCA members to emergency or priority issues as well as an up-to-date web page is kept to keep members and consumers informed. The AHCA/NCAL Gazette is emailed daily as well. Some of NCAL publications including the Provider and FOCUS also serve as very informative for the latest news and updates in regards to LTC.

Media and Public Relations – GHCA is constantly working to respond to negative media images of the LTC industry and to obtain coverage of positive things going on in the long term care arena today. GHCA dedicated staff can help members:

  • Develop strategies and key messages to handle media crisis situations.
  • Develop letters to the editor and viewpoint columns for local news organizations about issues related to long term care.
  • Seek out media coverage of positive happenings in member homes.
  • Make local media aware of provider views on issues affecting long term care such as the staffing bill, Medicaid block grants, and overregulation. GHCA staff is available to help our members meet public relations challenges head-on.

Recognition and Consumer Connection – GHCA pays special attention to outstanding performances among our members. GHCA honors the accomplishments of individuals who have made strides in helping Georgians receive better long term health care through three leadership awards, as well as, other awards throughout the year. GHCA educates, informs, and connects them to our members by providing an online guide to members as key providers in the state.


SOURCE: Please contact Hope Hickman at for more information.

Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes: For all eligible assisted living facilities and personal care homes to become a member, please submit a completed application to GHCA. Fees associated with membership will be invoiced and are due immediately upon submission of the application. ACHA and NCAL memberships are included with the annual membership dues. Annual membership period is from July- June of each calendar year and if necessary, will be pro-rated during the initial membership year.

Membership Fees: $26 per bed

Note: Contributions or gifts to the Georgia Health Care Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. However, dues payments are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

For any specific questions, please contact Sylvia Barnes at

Download a printable Allied Member Application by clicking HERE